We know that given the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic can be of great worry and stress. So it is important that our clients and family members throughout Windsor and beyond are familiar with our Coronavirus safety measures.

You know that we’re an outstanding care company with significant experience delivering professional care services.  This has always been our goal, and Coronavirus (and the COVID-19 pandemic) has only strengthened our resolve.  At the moment, it’s critical that we operate in a way which prioritises client and staff safety so we can continue to offer trusted and first-class care services in a home environment.

We are founded on personal experience, with empathy at the core of what we do.  As a value-based organisation which cares sincerely for clients as if they are our family members, we are taking the current COVID-19 issue exceptionally seriously. And we aim to commit to helping our clients, carers and staff through these challenging times.

Therefore, as you’d expect, we closely monitor the COVID-19 situation daily in line with Government advice & regulations.  All this so we can respond swiftly to the changing nature of local and national Covid protection measures.

We understand the importance of following Government guidelines to the letter, as well as adopting to the current situation in a way which brings comfort and reassurance to our clients and staff.

That’s why we’re taking the following Coronavirus safety measures:-

  • Every carer perfectly knows Covid 19 measures plus Infection Control & Hygiene to better understand and control the virus in order to protect themselves and our clients whilst delivering the best care possible.
  • Our carers thoroughly wash their hands with hand sanitiser or water for at least 20 seconds before and after each visit to a client’s home.
  • Our office staff & carers are always fully equipped with adequate PPE to undertake their roles, with spot checks taken regularly to make sure PPE is being used effectively. They are aware of the importance of covering both nose and mouth with an industry-standard mask at all times, when nearby or in close contact with another person. This helps protect both clients and staff from any coughing and sneezing which may occur.
  • In addition to agreeing to the company’s Covid 19 Policy, when staff and visitors arrive at the office, their temperature is taken, they are asked to scan the NHS QR code, make sure they wash their hands and are wearing face coverings and adhere to social distancing for the duration of their time in the office. All touch areas in the office are sanitised after use (e.g. doorknobs, light switches, training equipment etc).
  • A good measure to protect office staff further is working from home. With the correct enabling technology in place, the Care Management Team can ensure the smooth delivery of Service continues ‘in the field’.

Behind our Coronavirus safety measures

As our clients and their family members would attest, we remain a company with compassionate care at its heart.

That’s why we are all very mindful of and concerned about the heightened risks of loneliness and fear for our most vulnerable clients. To this end, we are monitoring each of our client’s mental health via an increased focus on face to face visits plus frequent phone calls by the Care Management Team. ,

We are also mindful of how our staff and carers may be feeling at this time. To address this, we’ve increased communication with our team. And are offering proactive support to make sure positive mental and physical wellbeing is maintained as much as possible.  One such initiative is our optional virtual “Team Hugs” held every fortnight. So everyone can join in from wherever they are, to connect with colleagues, exchange and share experiences, fears or good news stories. And reduce any feelings of isolation as lone workers. This is a huge success amongst our staff who look forward to being given a virtual ‘hug’.

Whilst the slowing down and eradication of this global pandemic may seem a long way off, we are always keen to bring peace of mind to clients and their families.  As the saying goes, you can’t change the direction of the wind…but you can adjust the sails.

What do our clients and their families say about our care?

“My husband is on an ‘end of life’ programme. Our carers have been not just first-class carers, but great friends to myself and my husband, especially with this shutdown. He has survived longer than expected and I know their caring has contributed to this.


As his wife of nearly 60 years, it’s been a very difficult time and they all have been my sanity saviours. I will never be able to thank them enough.” – Angela D.

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