Caring for others

Why do we care for others at Great Park Homecare? Because it’s the most natural thing in the world to do. The ability to care comes from empathy; the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathy is a precious moral and social resource because it helps us to form friendships and care for the elderly and those who need support.

Empathy can be defined as the ability to understand the feelings of others – the ability to put yourself into someone else’s shoes, be aware of their emotions and their perspectives.

Caring for others is good for us because it is proven to be hugely beneficial for our well-being. Giving care and support to others leads to reduced stress, increased happiness and a sense of social connectedness. When we are less stressed, happier and better socially integrated, we make better decisions and live a more fulfilling life.

But we know at Great Park Homecare that being a primary caregiver for an ageing person who needs to receive care, is a huge commitment. Caregiving may affect your finances, health or other relationships — or it may just be too difficult emotionally or physically.

Founded on personal experience and empathy, we are a company with a conscience that cares about our clients as if they are our own family.  We create a unique and bespoke Care Plan, individual for each client.

The care we offer

We understand that asking for help can sometimes be a difficult thing to do. But at Great Park Homecare, we’re there for clients every step of the way with our varied care options. We clearly outline and discuss all our services when building a flexible home Care Plan focused on what clients wish and need. We will also match carers to an individual’s personality, care needs, preferences and lifestyle. Unlike many providers, we never use care agency staff. Instead, our dedicated team of carers are robustly recruited, trained and developed in-house, by our Management Team.

Do we serve your area?

Areas we serve are Windsor, Old Windsor, Ascot and surrounding areas including Bray, Datchet, Dorney, Englefield Green, Eton, Eton Wick, Great Park, Winkfield and Windsor.

Live-in Care

This residential care service, means our clients receive the personal care they need in their local community and can stay independent at home.

With a trained, professional and respectful live-in care worker, clients get support with anything and everything they need, including personal hygiene, healthcare support, household tasks and companionship. The care worker will be carefully matched to the person receiving care. Delivering Live In care, can be very rewarding, since, as the professional relationship builds, very close bonds are often forged between carers and their clients, bringing greater levels of trust and peace of mind.

Respite Care

Caring for a family member full-time can be as exhausting as it is rewarding. That’s why we work closely with clients and their loved ones to offer elite respite care. Our services offer family carers a chance to take a break or try out respite care as a potential precursor to live-in care. Whatever a client’s respite care needs, our Great Park Homecare carers can be trusted to be highly trained, discreet, helpful and professional always.

Working for Great Park Homecare

If you want to feel the awarding benefits of caring for someone as part of your career, join us. Caregiving roles take many different shapes and forms, usually assisting seniors or people with disabilities or illnesses who are unable to live independently.

If you’re a caring person, and you really want to make a difference in someone’s life, then becoming a Care Assistant could be the perfect career move for you.

No previous care experience is necessary when starting out in care, as we appreciate that people with different experiences and from various sectors, can have the potential to give great care with the proper training. We pride ourselves on our commitment to fair pay and ongoing investment in staff training, professional development and qualifications. We always support the right candidates on their journey to a fulfilling and future-proof career. All staff have full managerial and peer mentor support, so you will always feel part of the care team and wider company’s family.

If you’ve ever looked after someone else, such as a family member, parent, child or friend and you are a kind, friendly, caring person with good communicative skills who can remain calm, then you have the transferable skills you need to be a Care Assistant with Great Park Homecare. It is a truly rewarding role, to support people to live independently and happily in their own homes. It is a career and role that is always in demand, securing you a great future. The career path and opportunities to grow professionally, are limitless.

How do we care for others?

We are a care company with a heart and offer care at home to many people in our local area, granting peace of mind for loved ones, who will be in the safe hands of our professional care assistants. We are always seeking outstanding and smart care assistants who love and have a car to visits clients at home. We care, if you care, come care with us. Please call 01753 369088 or visit our website for more information on pay and benefits and how to apply for your fast-track interview.